My Experience

My Skills

I am proficient in Adobe Creative Suite creating print and web material. I am also experienced in using Microsoft software, along with WordPress & Joomla open source software.

The list summarises my skillset:

  • Magazines / Directories / Catalogues / Tenders
  • Flyers / DLEs / Posters / Point of Sale material
  • Magazine & Newspaper Adverts
  • Billboards / Show collatoral
  • Annual Reports
  • Stationery
  • Data Merge & Document Automation
  • Forms, Interactive and Editable PDFs
  • Website Design  - WordPress & Joomla
  • Web banners, interactive web ads
  • Prepress file management and troubleshooting
Currently my main role is working for a publishing company (the months of January, March, May, July, September & November).

I produce a 176+pg bi-monthly industry magazine. The magazine involves photoshopping the cover image, laying up all the editorial, creating and editing 100+ advertisements, then putting the magazine/s together for print, trouble shooting, organising (and training) a Freelancer as support staff each issue.

For the  324+pg bi-ennial directory  I manage the merging of the data from excel to Indesign, layout, creating advertisements and compiling for print.

I also create for in-house and customers: advertisements, DLE promotionals, calendars, newsletters, flyers, stationery, tenders, brochures and booklets.

Create websites in Joomla & WordPress.

Create web banners, web ads, e-newsletters.

For the annual Covi SuperShow held over 3 days at ASB Showgrounds produce all the signage and collateral,  posters, adverts - print and web.

The months when I am not working for the publishing company I freelance via agencies and direct with clients.

Typical assignments via agencies in 2018

Foodstuffs - New World using Workflow Max

Difference Design - Catalogue/Price Book (100 pgs) x 2